Brayati Construction

Brayati Construction Services

Brayati is involved in a wide variety of services ranging from building construction, real estate development, renovations, to furniture and equipment sales; all whilst maintaining an innovative environment focusing on creating the utmost sustainable value through expansion and development.

They key to success of any project is maintaining consistent communication between the client and contractors through the construction phase. Constant communication, attention to detail, and ability to make exceptional on-site decisions, results in producing state of the art projects. The type of projects Brayati works on fall within a variety ranging from roads, bridges, water treatment plants, hospitals, water networks, sewage master plans, to turn key buildings among many others.

Design and Construction:

Brayati, within its professional construction department, offers services such as:

General Consultation: Brayati offers consultation services covering design, construction and management areas.

Design/Build: Brayati’s design/build project delivery solutions abridge the building process. The company directs all aspects of any project including design and construction.

Pre-construction: Brayati offers its know-how in scheduling, estimating, design developing and value.

Construction Management: Brayati offers trained and professional experts and state-of-art construction management systems to direct projects. Brayati provides pre-construction services, construction oversight, budget and schedule control.

General Contracting: Brayati builds with the expertise to go deep in reviewing and analyzing construction documents. Before delivering budgets the company makes sure everything is complete and accurate. Even when designs change, Brayati work with flexibility to integrate any new designs into the contracting and construction process.