Empire World

Empire World Overview

Believing in a prosperous future for Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Empire World emerged in 2007 as a private real estate development company. A continuous pursuit for expansion and growth has propelled Empire World to success through developing diverse projects ranging from multifunctional commercial offices, hotels, leisure and entertainment facilities to residential projects.

A pioneer in Real Estate Development, Empire World embodies its mission of contributing to the economic re-emergence of Iraq on a strong foundation of a free market economy. Empire World is a comprehensive company catering to different needs and markets with total dedication to excellence without compromise.

A clearly defined vision and mission outlines Empire World’s dedication to building a new entity in Iraq, specifically, the Kurdish region. Empire World delivers world class products and services not limited to property development but rather in every chosen business activity. Empire World is proud to demonstrate the company’s principles through providing the very best in quality combined with professionalism and expertise in every area of activity.

Since its establishment in 2007, Empire World has become a leader in the real estate sector due to the high standards and values adhered to. With a completion date of 2017, Empire World is honored and proud to continue contributing to the growth and development of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.