Brayati Construction

Brayati Construction Projects

Brayati has played a leading role in the construction industry in Iraq by developing, designing and building; the company continues to offer quality projects. Brayati provides value construction, procurement and quality control for utilities, commerce, industry, government and private sectors.

A selection of the company’s major projects is listed below:


Project  Client  Year  Budget/US $
Construction of court Building from  4 stories in Erbil Ministry of Justice 2003 1047,619
Construction Technical Departments in Erbil Technical Institution 2003 800,000
Construction of (12-classroom) school Ministry of Education/ Kurdistan Region 2003 360,000
Construction of a 3 Stories building for a Super Market Private Sector 2003 1,200,000
Construction of Ainkawa – Perzeen road 10 km Ministry of Reconstruction & Development/ Kurdistan 2003 535,385
Construction Erbil – Kerkuk Road (Renovation) Ministry of Municipalities 2004 1,180,000
Construction of 2 side road for Erbil International Airport Ministry of Reconstruction & Development 2004 2,040,129
Construction of a sewerage system in Nawroz Q. Department of Water & Sewerage 2004 618,367
Construction of 6km of internal roads in Erbil Erbil Municipality 2004 405,442
Construction of Erbil Teachers Instititute Ministry of Education/ Kurdistan Region 2005 1,184,932
Construction of computer & Architect department Salahuddin/ College of Engineering University of salahuddin/ Kurdistan Region 2006 2,538,462
Paving of Erbil and surrounding collective town roads Governorate of Erbil/ Kurdistan Region 2006 3,461,538
Construction of 22 km road in Erbil Ministry of Reconstruction 2006 669,231
Construction of PHC types C in Banslawa District/Erbil Ministry of Health/GRN 2008 1,650,000