Falcon Group – a Leading Group in Iraq – Celebrates 10th Anniversary

ERBIL — On April 26, 2014, Falcon Group held a mammoth gala to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Over three hundred business and civic leaders, government dignitaries, and international guests gathered at a dinner reception held in the luxurious Divan Hotel in Erbil. Among the guests were Nawzad Hadi, Governor of Erbil province, who spoke on behalf [...]

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JW Marriott Partners with Falcon Group to Manage Hotels in Kurdistan Region, Iraq

ERBIL — When Marriott International decided to enter the Iraqi hotel market, it partnered with Falcon Group, one of the largest business firms operating in the autonomous region of Kurdistan and throughout Iraq. Founded in 2004, Falcon Group consists of 18 companies with more than 5000 employees. It has emerged as one of the best security [...]

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Falcon Agriculture is Concentrating Their Efforts to Raise the Production of Corn Crops

Falcon Agriculture is Concentrating Their Efforts to Raise the Production of Corn Crops. Falcon Agriculture, a division of Falcon Group, owns vast areas of agricultural lands in Seberan Village located near Makhmur Road, Erbil. The lands are mostly devoted to the growing of seasonal fruits and vegetables (such as wheat, barley, potatoes, watermelon and yellow [...]

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Falcon Group: Vision to be the Best Company in Iraq

Interview with Peshraw Majid Agha, Owner and CEO of Falcon Group and Empire World – Iraq How do you feel about the business environment in the Kurdistan region? There is stability and security in Kurdistan region, we also enjoy stable currency against the US dollar, and this is the attracting factor for investors to the [...]

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Iraq’s Falcon Group New CSR Program to Help the Country

Since the beginning of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) hostilities against Kurdistan, which began in August 2014, Falcon Group has stepped forward to provide support and services to the Peshmerga forces. When ISIS targeted Makhmur near Erbil, Mr. Peshraw Dizayee, the chairman of Falcon Group and Empire World, could not just watch the threat without helping [...]

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Falcon Security: One of the Best Security Companies in Iraq

Interview with Gary Cavender, General Manager of Falcon Security Let´s begin with an overview of Falcon Security. Falcon Security was started in 2003. We were one of the first companies to be registered not only in Iraq but also as a local company. We have now been in operation since April 2003. We currently have [...]

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