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Mission: The mission of the Falcon Group is to become an icon of corporate responsibility and success in Iraq. We accomplish this goal by instituting positive and progressive management models in our businesses, recruiting Iraqi nationals whenever possible, training and mentoring them for the workplace of tomorrow, and by complimenting the national workforce with skilled international professionals in disciplines that require such expertise.

Vision: Falcon Group envisions a robust Iraqi economy that supports the nation’s ability to manage growth and plan for the future. We see ourselves as part of this vision.

Pledge: The Falcon Group pledges to deliver the highest quality of service not only to our corporate clients but also to the ultimate customer and end user – the Iraqi people.

As a multi-faceted group of companies, Falcon Group’s mandate is to manage a critical mass of dynamic business ventures. Whether it is real estate, construction, security, oil and gas, agriculture or trading, Falcon Group is committed to making world-class products and prime service delivery here in Iraq.