Falcon Agriculture is Concentrating Their Efforts to Raise the Production of Corn Crops

Falcon Agriculture is Concentrating Their Efforts to Raise the Production of Corn Crops.

Falcon Agriculture, a division of Falcon Group, owns vast areas of agricultural lands in Seberan Village located near Makhmur Road, Erbil. The lands are mostly devoted to the growing of seasonal fruits and vegetables (such as wheat, barley, potatoes, watermelon and yellow corn) with tracts also dedicated to the planting and pruning of trees such as the Washington Tree.

For more than four years the company has initiated programs to increase their production of crops through such efforts as irrigation and high seed quality. Falcon Agriculture intends to continue to increase its interests through further market research as well as:

1. Analysis of supply and demand for both human and animal feed production markets;
2. Continued investments in land;
3. Increase local production and continue to improve quality;
4. Take advantage of the climate in Erbil to promote the best local crops available; and
5. Compete in the local market and beyond with products that are currently being imported.

After reviewing the last four years of production, Falcon Agriculture has observed rapid developments in the field of crop production and improvement in the quality of these products equal to the demand in the local markets. As an example, Falcon Agriculture initially devoted only 200 acres of land to develop their crops and products. Due to the constant increase in demand, this has increased to more than 350 acres and is continually expanding. The company will continue to intensify their efforts to raise the quality and the capacity of production as long as the crops are in demand.

With experience, qualified staff, modern equipment and modern technology, Falcon Agriculture is well position to enter the competitive market with imported products.

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