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We are specialized company in concrete with the experience of 10 years, using the updated international standards, falcon having 3 new modern concrete batch plants around the area.
All concretes are laboratory passed tests, in addition we are using the additives to all concretes and accordingly to the standardized measures. also having 4 concrete pumps and 16 concrete mixers trucks. And have ability to set a concrete batch plant ( mobile )inside your site.


The Falcon batch plant pledge is to deliver the highest quality of service not only to our corporate clients but also to the ultimate customer and end user – the Iraqi people.

Crush Aggregates for Concrete

Fine and coarse aggregate (sand and gravel). We use for reinforcement concrete (usually for beams, columns and floor slab) mix a coarse aggregate of max 19-20 mm .

Water: Drinking water, is usually suitable as production water.

Cement: Portland cement with strength of at least N/mm2 after 28 days and a rapid early hardening. We use best quality cement type.

Additive: Main sodamco weber, chryso, sika.

Our Services:

  • Providing and supplying concrete to the site plans , using the latest manufactures and vehicles .
  • The high quality of the product guarantee.
  • Commitment of time working , according to the progress of the work table.
  • Offering the competitive prices for costumers.

Civil work – Concrete Work

Technical Capabilities in Concrete Work :

Falcon Batch Plant extensive and complete product line of concrete products systems ensures falcon to be service the needs of our customers.

Typical concrete projects include:

  • Towers and apartment
  • Airport runways
  • Light duty parking
  • Residential subdivisions

Concrete mix design  

Reference Code:

  • ASTM – American stand arts
  • EN – European Norm
  • NEN – Nederland E. Norm

Reference Books:

  • Beton pocket 2006
  • ENCI cement group
  • Maastricht / the Netherlands
  • Building design and civil engineering handbook
  • Edward s. Hoffman
  • President, Edward s. Hoffman, Ltd.
  • Structural engineers , Chicago
  • David Gustafson
  • Vice President of Engineering
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel institute
  • Schaumburg , Illinois