Standing on more than 50 years of technical expertise and several divisions specialized in warehousing and equipment rental services, Falcon Oil & Gas is on course to meet the needs of the ever-growing oil and gas industry in the Kurdistan Region. We provide support for customers in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.
Conveniently located outside city limits with direct access to both the North and South of Iraq, Falcon Warehousing offers companies a unique solution to meet the challenges of oversized equipment, safety, security and supply chain demands.

As a leading security firm Falcon Security provides round-the-clock security for this reputable energy firm’s personnel, warehouses and oil & gas facilities.

Our corporate growth draws from Falcon’s delivery of the best assured outcome, passing the toughest quality control and meeting the needs of various sectors in Iraq. In a free market economy, we believe in and adhere to credibility, stability and transparency.

With extensive technical expertise and high-performance oil and gas rental equipment for drilling, workover, and production applications, Falcon Oilfield Services sets the standard for excellence helping customers meet both their operational and commercial targets. Falcon Oilfield services offers customers the flexibility to rent and return or keep and buy equipment as their needs change.

A team of national and international professionals at Falcon Group pave the way to our success. These talented and highly experienced members are among Falcon Group’s greatest assets. They transform challenges into opportunities and carry our company towards its full potential.