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Today’s world depends on reliable products and networks. Keeping in touch with your regular and business contacts is essential and finding the right product can be time consuming, costly and difficult. EmpireNet Technology provides customized fiber, wide range of internet services, and IT services to individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations in all parts of Erbil. With the state-of-the-art network, 24/7 network & information technology operation center (NIOCs) and on-site customer support are unparalleled in Erbil.
EmpireNet with its expertly trained technical team can respond quickly and efficiently to any kind of requirements on IT basis from any client. The management has extensive experience in developing and operating any IT infrastructure and provides solutions to any sort of IT issues in any location.
The company prides itself on its commitment to delivering value and reliability to all its customers.

EmpireNet Technology Value:

We aim to eliminate other companies in Erbil to provide matching services within the Empire Project and to provide first-class Internet and IT service within Erbil.

EmpireNet Technology Mission:

To employ qualified staff whom can upgrade our work process and client satisfaction, and to supply the highest quality of internet and information technology services to clients by setting up different systems for different projects on our standards.

EmpireNet Technology Vision:

To be a leading Internet & Information Technology service provider in KRG.

Service Plan:

EmpireNet Technology will not limited its services, instate we are opened up to any service that the clients request.

Service Plans include:

Consumer Service / Business Service / Enterprise Service

Consumer Service: it includes all the network & information technology requirements on an individual base for Home or others.

Business Service: majorly targets clients whom have simple or complex operation within their working area and other locations that work must be performed.

Enterprise Service: This is one stop service whereby we are allowed to handle all the clients personal and work network & IT service.

Services will be provided in general base to all clients, yet we undertake each client as an individual project that has to be handled and managed on a different strategy.


Our Company Strategy go through several stages to ensure that we are beneficial and cost efficient, in which we focus on the core business at first and then we diverse stage by stage. With this we can use a minimum amount of staff and tools, as if we grow and move forward we shall be adding our key personnel.

Supplier and Work Process:

With the above SIPOC template we will design each project for all the clients, yet different projects will have different standard in terms of choosing the supplier and give the client priority based on the project value.

Why EmpireNet Technology:

The Idea of setting up this company was based on Empire Project which is a private real estate development company. The projects ranging from commercial offices, hotels, residential projects, to leisure and entertainment facilities.

Empire world has acquired a land of 750,000 sqm to develop different real estate projects. The land plot is now home to six Real Estate Projects:

  1. Empire Business Tower
  2. Empire Business Complex
  3. Royal Villas
  4. Royal Apartments
  5. Residential Wings
  6. Diamond Towers
  7. JW Marriott Hotel & Apartments
  8. Speed Center

With this being mentioned, EmpireNet Technology highly believes that 2 divisions (Telecom & Helpdesk) have to be set as primary elements to add value to the Empire Project.  EmpireNet has its office within the Empire project and trained, experienced techs in both divisions who responds immediately to any customers support or technical issues despite the fact that it can provide IT procurement services to any client.

The Service Breakdown:

Telecom Services


IT/Helpdesk Services
Internet/Data Transit & TransportTotal Site IT Management.
VOIP/TelephonyWeb & Application Development
FO ProjectsCloud Services
Managed WiFiSkype for Business
Managed routers/firewall/IPSec/ SpamwareHardware/Peripheral Supply & Rent
Mobility Solutions (internet of things)
Surveillance/Smart Systems
Video Conferencing
Lighting & illumination Design (including Lighting,Acoustic,Audio Visual)

EmpireNet Projects

EmpireNet Gallery