Considered the birthplace of agriculture, thanks to evidence from an ancient agricultural village, the Kurdistan Region is indeed well positioned tap into centuries of knowledge in farming and become a leading agricultural hub and exporter of crops.

Falcon Agriculture is focused on supporting farmers and the agribusiness sector in a way that maximizes domestic output and food security. Our technologies and know-how can help farmers reach their full potential.


With international sponsors and corporations Falcon Agriculture is set to assess, identify, and address the inherent agricultural challenges and assist in finding solutions. The Divisions is devoted to enhancing product development to where local products fill the domestic market and find their way into the international market.

In addition to raising awareness about agricultural processes, local knowledge, and new production techniques, as an integrated company Falcon Agriculture engages in manufacturing, development, testing, registration, marketing, sales and distribution of agricultural products and equipment. This includes garden design and landscaping through several nurseries established by our company to support this venture.