Falcon Security, an Iraqi-owned and operated private security company, has been serving government entities, international organizations, and private sector firms in Iraq since 2004. Our unique distinction lies in being one of the few security companies registered to operate in both Federal Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG). This distinctive position allows us to provide seamless services, offering unparalleled ease in transportation.

Company Profile

Our strategically placed Operations Centers in Baghdad and Erbil serve as hubs for command and control while also managing life support, vehicle storage, maintenance, logistical as well as administrative support offices.
Baghdad: Our central office in Baghdad enables efficient coordination of security services across Iraq.
Erbil: Located at the Empire World Complex, our Erbil office is minutes away from Erbil International Airport, providing a conveniently accessible base of operations.

Falcon Security management is led by highly experienced, retired Military expatriate personnel who have established and continuously maintain superior corporate standards.  Falcon Security offers services customized to clients’ specifications, discretion, and requirements while implementing continuous risk assessments.  Our dedicated team leaders are highly-trained and dependable with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect clients in all environments, including:
- Executive client protection services
- High risk protection & escort services
- Static guard & access control services to include residential, business & site
- Mobile patrols & incident response teams
- Airport collections & drop offs
- Emergency evacuation
- Security consulting
- Risk Assessment & reporting
- Technical security solutions
- Vetting of local staff
- Procurement and logistical support
- Total package security solutions & ability, experience & resources to establish & manage full life support services



Falcon Security has been operating as a private security company in Iraq since 2003, providing services to government entities, international organizations, and private sector firms for nearly sixteen years.  It is one of the largest, entirely Iraqi-owned and operated security companies in the country.  Falcon Security’s office is located at the Empire Business Complex in Erbil, it also maintains regional offices and operations centres in Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah to support its ongoing contracts. 

Falcon Security services include mobile and static security, security consulting, threat and political reporting, technical security solutions, vetting of local staff, procurement, and logistical support. 

Falcon Security continually strives to be the custodian of best practice in the provision of security in Iraq.  This is achieved through exacting standards in leadership, recruitment, operational ability, technical expertise, intelligence, and equipment.  Falcon Security operations meet the highest standards of the industry.  Further, as a locally-owned company, the Falcon Security team offers unrivalled knowledge of the environment, its political and tribal groups, and awareness of security issues.

Our Clients