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Falcon for Beauty Services is an Iraq-based company that was established to focus on providing essential beauty products and treatments to our clients in an elegant environment on Empire Avenue.

Our Mission

As an advocate of health and wellness, it is our objective to provide superlative products to our customers in Iraq. In pursuit of promoting a healthy lifestyle, we aim to establish a growing network of beauty centers in Iraq and beyond

Our Vision

We desire to be the number one choice in the area of beauty and cosmetics in Iraq by 2020.

Our Service

We offer beauty services including destruction and retailing we take pride in offering great customer service and quality treatments through our highly skilled, industry recognized professionals.

At Falcon for Beauty Services, we recognize the importance of client well-being in the success of our organization. Our company’s continuing growth is propelled by the dedication of our team. As a close-knit organization, our team is composed of results-oriented and highly skilled professionals.

Our professional staff and trusted advisors are dedicated to finding the most appropriate solutions to our clients’ healthcare and beauty needs, including after-sales services. We are driven to provide our clients the best value for their money. Not only that, at Falcon for Beauty Services, we offer a premium service with client satisfaction being our main objective.