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Falcon Construction is a world-class engineering, construction and investment company. We build and create the development of Iraq with precision and highest levels of quality.

Offering a comprehensive range of services, Falcon Construction is able to tailor a delivery system which matches our clients’ needs, goals and budget.  As a general contractor, we have the experience to complete a wide variety of projects. Working with subcontractors and our own labour forces, we have developed a reputation of completing projects on time and on budget. We offer general contracting services in addition to preconstruction, construction management and design/build services. We will perform work on both a negotiated and a competitive bid basis.

  • Construction Management
  • Design/build
  • Pre-construction Services
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Value Engineering
  • Life-Cycle Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Phase Analysis
  • Estimating

Our business works from the initial concept to the whole life management going through planning, design, engineering project management, new construction and the renovation and restoration of existing structures. Falcon Construction regularly puts together specialist teams that are unique in their ability to deliver complex projects on time and to budgets.

Falcon Construction currently has a large in-house resource base in Iraq and the region, well positioned to deliver overnight consulting services when required. No matter how challenging a project or wherever it’s located in the region, chances are Falcon Construction will produce the finest and improve the quality of life for communities and people.


Founded in 2007, Erbil-based Falcon Construction provides a wide-array of construction contracting services – from planning, design, engineering, and new builds to road works, civil works, as well as renovation and restoration of existing structures.  Falcon Construction is a world-class construction contracting company and a central member of the Iraqi-owned Falcon Group conglomerate.

Falcon Construction has built a stellar reputation for delivering superior services on-time and at competitive prices.  As a major player in Iraq’s construction industry, the company builds and creates, with a focus on the development of Iraq while delivering precision and highest levels of quality.

With its team of full-time engineers, architects, and specialists, Falcon Construction works from initial concept projects to the whole life management, providing a customized experience in support of its clients.

Falcon Construction currently has a large in-house resource base in Iraq and throughout the region, well positioned to deliver overnight consulting services when required. No matter how challenging a project or wherever it’s located in the region, Falcon Construction will produce the finest products and improve the quality of life for communities and people.

Drawing from over 50 years of technical expertise, Falcon Construction’s management team is committed to executing the work with a full commitment to health, safety, and environmental standards, as well as quality control throughout every phase of the project.

Falcon Construction offers the best value in the successful completion of all contract requirements for these vital services, as the company regularly demonstrates through a complete technical execution plan illustrating the team’s approach for a project and thorough understanding of the client’s requirements.

Falcon Construction has a proven history of completing its assigned tasks in accordance with all contract requirements by applying a technical approach with the following:

  • experienced management
  • proven performers
  • constant situational awareness through intelligence and communications
  • safe and proven standard operating procedures
  • well-controlled operations
  • clearly defined operational roles and responsibilities.

Falcon Construction has comprehensive experience in Iraq and throughout the region, giving it the know-how to support each client’s specific performance requirements, local culture, laws, and wider international conventions. Falcon Construction’s most valuable deliverable is its promise to complete the project in the safest, most efficient manner with the highest quality possible. Falcon Construction’s ability to coordinate directly with clients, its reliability in harsh conditions, and its flexibility with regard to changing requirements continues to attract clients who are committed to meeting stakeholder objectives.

Falcon Construction Projects

Falcon Construction has worked with a variety of clients from government agencies to major international oil and gas providers all over the region.

ProjectCustomer nameTypeYearValue US $
1Fence Demolition and Park UpgradeMarathon OilConstruction2017438,342
2Shower Facility Renovation and UpgradeKBRConstruction201728,750
2Security Fence, Vehicle, and Pedestrian Gate InstallationU.S. ArmyConstruction20169,270
3Range Improvements at Chamchamal Training CampU.S. ArmyConstruction2016381,910
4Range Modifications with Installation of Training VillageGerman ArmyConstruction2016760,000
5Bnaslawa Training Camp Renovations, Contract Number # W56KGZ-16-C-6002Task Force Hammer (7 ENG BN, 1BCT)Construction2016200,000
6Empire Business Complex  Office Buildings C5- C6Private OwnerConstruction201419,000,000
7Construction  / Engineering procurement and construction for earthwork and ancillary works at FCP 2 sitePETRONAS (OIL Company)Design /Build20124,400,000
8ConstructionOMV (Oil Company )Design /Build2012600,000
9ConstructionNOC (Oil Company )Design /Build201216,000,000
10Empire World ComplexPrivate OwnerDesign /Build2012750,000,000
11Road Work – Neighborhood £765 BaghdadIraqi GovernmentConstruction20126,242,200
12Engineering procurement and construction for earthwork and ancillary works at FCP sitePETRONAS Carigali Iraq , GarrafConstruction20113,900,000
13German Consulate General in Erbil (Visa section)Shajrat Snober ContractingConstruction201071,825
14Azadi Electricity Control BuildingPrivate CustomerConstruction200967,500
15Reconfiguration of KBR camp in ErbilKBRConstruction2009575,000
16Primary Health Care CenterMinistry of Health / USACEConstruction20091,780,000
17Surveillance towers- KirkukUS MilitaryDesign /Build2008400,000
18Construction of directory of plan for Ministry of EducationMinistry of Education / KurdistanConstruction2007900,000
19Fabrication and installation of 19 guard towersPCOConstruction2007690,802
20Construction of Computer & Architect Department in College of Engineering ,Salahaddin UniversityUniversity of Salahaddin, Kurdistan RegionConstruction20062,538,461
21Pavement of Erbil and surrounding collective town roadsGovernorate of Erbil Kurdistan RegionConstruction20063,461,538
22Construction of 22 km in ErbilMinistry of ReconstructionConstruction2006669,230
23Construction of 750 m of the new Meters RoadMinistry of MunicipalitiesConstruction2006689,063
24New facilities & renovationPWC LogisticsDesign /Build2006400,000
25Housing Facilities  (CAMP)GFI IraqConstruction2006600,000
26Construction of Erbil Teachers InstituteMinistry of Education / Kurdistan RegionConstruction20051,184,931
27Renovation of 5 schoolsEUROPEAN PERSPECTIVERehabilitation2005207,700
28Construction Erbil – Kirkuk Road (Inside Erbil City )Ministry of Municipalities Kurdistan RegionRenovation20041,180,000
29Construction of two side road for Erbil International AirportMinistry of ReconstructionConstruction20042,040,129
30Construction of a sewer system in Nawroz quarterGeneral Directorate of water & SewerageConstruction2004618,367
31Construction of 6 Km of internal roads for Erbil Industrial QuarterErbil MunicipalityConstruction2004405,442
32Construction of an & classroom schoolQANDIL, Swedish NGONew Construction2004163,000
33Renovation of society centerFAOBuilding Rehabilitation200444,565
34Installation of guard towersMulti Nationals ForcesSpecialty Contractor200444,565
35Renovation of 12 buildingUS MilitaryRehabilitation2004139,450
36Renovation of Dormitory DepartmentUNOPSRehabilitation200385,160
37Construction of Technical Departments , Erbil Technical InstituteTechnical Institution ,Kurdistan RegionConstruction2003160,000
38Construction of12 classroom schoolMinistry of Education ,Kurdistan RegionConstruction2003160,000
39Construction of12 classroom schoolMinistry of Education ,Kurdistan RegionConstruction2003160,000
40Construction of court building (4 stories) , in ErbilMinistry of JusticeConstruction20031,047,619
41Construction of 3 story supermarketPrivate sectorConstruction20031,200,000
42Construction of Ainkawa- Perzeen road 10 kmMinistry of ReconstructionConstruction2003535,384